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Mark Krasniqi on Lutfi Paçarizi

Mark Krasniqi (1920-2015) was a writer and journalist from Kosovo who extensively contributed to the Albanian literature in the first decades of the socialist regime. In 1955, he published his article on Haxhi Ymer Lutfi Paçarizi in Jeta e Re journal (Jeta e Re, no: 5, Prishtina, October-November 1955, p. 418-426). Krasniqi's text is relied on his field notes and translations of Paçarizi's poems given to him by Hilmi Paçarizi, Salih Çavolli, Talat Paçarizi and Mumin Jakupi. The text includes probably the first partial translation of Paçarizi's "Çiftçi ve İşçi Kardaşlarıma" (To Peasants' and Workers' Brothers, 1920) into Albanian language. It also includes other political poems of Lutfiu such as Vaji i Birit Shqiptar (Weeping of an Albanian Child) from 1910.

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