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Nimetullah Hafız

Nimetullah Hafız (b. 1939) is one of the most important Turkologist who lives in Prizren and who extensively dealt with the legacy of Haxhi Ymer Lutfi Paçarizi. In 1971 he wrote a bibliographical essay on Paçarizi's life and his literature (Sesler: Aylık Toplum-Sanat Dergisi, year: 6, no: 60, November 1971, Skopje, p. 47-57). He also included the first known bibliography of Paçarizi's works. Three years later a more extended version of the text was published in the Journal of the Archive of the Kosovo in Serbo-Croatian language (Vjetar/Godišnjak, VIII-IX, 1975, Prishtina, p. 87 - 103).

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