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Police Files from 1920

The main difficulties with the early history of communist activities in Kosovo is that after the declaration of the Obznana decree in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the archives of the party was destroyed by the police. Some aspects of the history of the communist movements in 1919-1920 ​Prizren can be reconstructed through police files of that period which were protected and transferred to the State Archive of Kosovo during the Socialist Yugoslavia. 

Below, you can find the Serbian translation of the Communist Propaganda Poster from 07.04.1920, distributed in Prizren. The poster calls the Muslim workers and peasants to unite under communism. Signed with a pseudonym called Mehmet. The poster was originally written in Turkish in Skopje and distributed in and around Prizren. 

1920 Police interrogation of the main communist activists from Prizren, concerning the May Day parade in 1920, the details about the communist organisation and club in Prizren, the details about the dissemination of the propaganda poster etc. 

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