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Stuttering Universality

The first volume of Film as Political School brings together Shkëlzen Maliqi’s polemical texts on two films, Njeriu Prej Dheu (Man of Soil, 1984) and Proka (Proka, 1985), both produced by Kosovafilm. Maliqi's critical texts provoked a stir in the mid-1980s intellectual milieu in Kosovo, including heated reactions from Gani Mehmetaj and Mehmet Kraja, who attacked Maliqi in their respective papers. 

The volume includes three newly translated texts by Shkëlzen Maliqi and a critical introduction by Tevfik Rada.

The book was published by GKK on the occasion of the project Palimpsest of History

Stuttering Universality was edited by Tevfik Rada and designed by Bardhi Haliti. 

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