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Yerin Dibi! A Collection of Punk and Underground Fanzines and Posters from Turkey

Yerin Dibi! A Collection of Punk and Underground Fanzines and Posters from Turkey is the first exhibition held in Pykë-Presje, curated by Tolga Güldallı.

Bringing ephemerals from Turkey and over a hundred selected zines and posters produced from the late eighties until the mid-2000s, the exhibition will give a picture of the recent history of Turkey from the perspective of the punk subculture. This unique collection of underground zines will provide an insight not only into local strategies of punk self-organizing and D.I.Y culture but will also provide a fresh insight into the strange mixture of style and politics specific to punk culture. Parallel to this, the show will also give clues to the international network of punk subculture before the internet, displaying the tools and mechanisms that circulated punk culture globally in opposition to commodity capitalism.


Following the exhibition, Pykë-Presje is launching a compilation album of 19 hardcore punk bands from Turkey from 1993 to 2021. Released as a cassette, compiled by Güldallı, the album is available for purchase at Pykë Shop.

Güldallı is an active figure in punk and underground history in Turkey. He played in bands such as Crunch and Haossa, co-authored An Interrupted History of Punk and Underground Resources in Turkey 1978-1999 (with Sezgin Boynik, BAS, Istanbul, 2007), and is contributing to the website Punk Travma: Collective Memory of Punk in Turkey:

The project is supported by Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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