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Mark Krasniqi (1920-2015) wrote the first known article about Haxhi Ymer Lutfi Paqarizi in 1955 and included an Albanian translation of Paçarizi's political poems. 

In 1920, many socialist activists from Prizren were interrogated by the police. Some of them were put in prison, some of them were harassed, and some were killed. 

1920 experienced the first massive and internationalist May Day parades in and around Prizren. 

In 1990, Irfan Morina, a journalist and editor in Turkish language journal Çevren published an interview with Ymer Lutfi's wife.

Ilir Rexha, an Ottomanolog from Kosovo, published a text on Paçarizi in Vjetar/Godišnjak, 1981. The text included a new translation of the poem into Albanian.

Tacida Hafız

Tacıda Hafız, a Turkolog originally from Bosnia, wrote he master thesis in Prishtina on Paçarizi's life and his contributions to the dissemination of the socialist ideas in Prizren. 

With the World War 1, the unemployment rate in Kosovo rose up. Ramiz Abdyli analysed this situation by using archival materials.

Tarambaba was a socialist activist from Prizren who was deported from the country in 1921. Hayrettin Volkan, a partisan veteran from Prizren, wrote a text on Tarambaba's life

Miodrag Nikolić was a historian who especially dealt with the socialist history of Prizren and the surrounding. These series of texts were published in Rilindja Newspaper in 1957.

Birlik was the Turkish language newspaper published in Skopje from 1944 to 2004. In 1959, for the anniversary of the formation of CPY, it published several archival documents and interviews.

Altay Suroy, a Turkish intellectual from Prizren, has written several articles and poems on Ferit Bayram, Zef Lush Marku and their political importance for Kosovo.

Nimetullah Hafız, a Turkolog living in Prizren, has done some of the most important contributions on illuminating the life and corpus of Paçarizi. 

Zef Lush Marku was a militant and propagandist of CPY. He was born into a poor family in Prizren before immigrating to Skopje. He was killed by the police on December 1920 while in mission in Kosovo. 

Milovan Obradović's important study on the agrarian reform and colonization of Kosovo between two world wars.

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